What Size Dust Collector Do I Need? A Complete Guide

What size dust collector do I need

In determining what size dust collector do I need, the first thing is to understand is your requirements. Where you’ll use the dust collector? What is the per day requirement? Which type of collector do you need? What should be the flow of air?

These are some general questions you should ask yourself before making any decision because if the flow of the air in your dust collector is too low, then it won’t filter the dust properly.

If the flow of air in your dust collector size is high, then it won’t create any trouble in collecting the dust. Therefore when you’re going to the market to buy the dust collector, then you must check the flow of air of the dust collector.

Another question arises about how much substantial power do you need. Some companies and marketers make a good dust collector with the help of adequate CFM and its motor working. If the CFM of the dust collector is good in quality, then your dust collector is fantastic. So, check your all requirements properly before buying a dust collector.

Why CFM important in your dust collector

CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used to measure the flow of air in the dust collector size. CFM is the central unit of your dust collector. If you think that what size dust collector do I need? Get to know about CFM first. Your dust collector shall be work properly if the value of the CFM is the least.

 When you use too many devices attached to the dust collector to collect the dust, it takes much energy the collecting.

Different parts of dust collector

 1. It is essential to know about the other parts of the collector. Because if all aspects are of the collectors are perfect then it will be easy to find the required size.

 2. Firstly, you must know about the movement of air in the dust collector. It affects the working of the dust collector if the size is appropriate.

 3. Sometimes when you are in our shop, and you may need the dust collector according to the size of our shop. If the shop is enormous, then we need a big size dust collector because the small dust collector size won’t work correctly in your shop.

 4. Big size dust collectors have a comprehensive volume of the pipe. This can collect dust very quickly. And it is a fact that ample space required a big dust collector.

 5. There are different types of curved pipes in the dust collector. Some of the dust collectors are made up of pure steel plastic and rubber plastic.

 6. The pipe that is attached to the top of the dust collector basket or bag is wrapped by a basket. When you want to clean your basket or throw the dust from it, you can de attach the pipe from the cloth and throw the dust or wastage, but when you try to fit it into the fabric, it is tough to connect back.

 7. So there are many specifications of dust collector in which its bag has elastic in cloth which is attached to the pipes. It immensely helps in cleaning. Due to this flexibility, you can easily remove or tie cloth back to the lines.

What Size Dust Collector Do I Need? Make Your Choice

  • If the size of the dust collector is not proper according to the place, it is very harmful. For example, if you work in a mill or a factory and there is a dust collector in a small size. But there is a lot of dust everywhere, and little dust collector does not collect the dust properly. Also, the dust remains in the atmosphere due to its small size. Also, it may cause many diseases for workers.
  • The bag size of the dust collector also plays an essential role in collecting the dust. If the size of the bag is more significant than it restores more dust in it. If its size is not proper, then the bag will not carry more dust and cause many troubles for the company workers and to the company.
  • For the best size of dust collector according to your demand you can measure the speed of the dust collector. You try to use the pipes of the dust collector size in a straight position which we used in a dust collector.
  •  You should avoid using curved rigid plastic pipes as possible as you can because it needed too much static pressure when you remove the dust.
  • The floor also needs to be straight because it also uses too much pressure. If your floor is not bare, then, your dust collector does not rub with the floor properly. Always use a dust collector with a plain base. Otherwise, it may cause damage to your dust collector
  • Statics pressure is a force that the maintained friction in pipes walls. Due to this pressured air frequently moves in these pipes. Dust moves fast and goes into the basket quickly
  • If your static pressure is low then it air is not moving correctly in these pipes and dust cannot be collected quickly. It takes too much time to collect the dust and low static pressure also damages your dust collector very severely.

 What Size Dust Collector Should You Choose? A Final Word

So, the choice of a dust collector entirely depends on your requirements. Whether you need it for your home or shop, just make the right choice by keeping in mind the specifications of the product. The impeller, bag size, and pipes play an important in your query of what size dust collector do I need? So, estimate the time, demand, size, and the collector basket area and choose the best Dust Collector.

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