What Is A Plunge Router | A Complete Guide

What Is A Plunge Router

A plunge router is an essential tool required by all woodworking enthusiasts. But beginners in the woodworking field need to know that what is a plunge router?

What are its advantages and construction? The answer is that it is a kind of machine used to make intricate patterns and shape the wood.

It also allows you to hollow out wood surfaces and trim pieces of panelling to make a perfect match with an astonishing amount of ease.

These are handy tools that can help us in many ways while cutting wood designs or doing wood carving work. When you are making a cabinet for your home, you must have a set of good routers.

It is easier to cut through the wood to make recesses in the door hinges with the help of the plunge router.

Carving complex and unique designs in the wood is also possible by learning the different techniques in routing the wood.

Those who are new to the plunge router world might need some time to learn how to use it and fully control this machine.

But once you get the hang of it, then doing your DIY wood project will be such an easy task to do. Ensure you have chosen the right equipment for you that you are not wasting your money on it. Then you are useful to explore.

What Is A Plunge Router? It’s Design And Construction 

While proceeding toward the query, “What is a plunge router?” it’s design and construction is also important. The design of a plunge router usually consists of an outer case that consists of a motor.

The motor is used to spin the bits and has a power range from 7/8 HP to 3.5 HP. The bit is secured into the place by using a clamp.

The size of bits ranges from 6mm to 1/2inches. The plunge router’s leading platform is usually clamped with the case or sometimes is attached with the bits.

A good plunge router can and dimension scales set up the required depth and cut most finely with good efficiency. The router speed also varies from 8000 to 30000 rpm, depending on the router’s size and the power of the motor.

Advantages of Using A Plunge Router

A plunge router has become the necessity of woodworker and professional craftsmen all over the world. If a person is a serious woodworker or craftsman of some kind, then having an excellent quality router is necessary.

All over the world, when a person starts to think of working as a woodworker, the first thing that comes to his mind is to buy a reliable and authentic router for him.

This is because the router has a wide range of shapes, models, and styles, and the plunge router is the most versatile. Or maybe it is just a fact that it is a really ‘cool tool.’ It is nowadays the primary and foremost demand of most of the workers of today.

The following are some advantages of a plunge router:

  • A plunge router minimizes the work to a greater level. The efficiency and accuracy of the work are increased four times.
  • It minimizes the spread of the waste pieces on the floor. The amount of waste pieces causes a loss in the supplies. The use of the plunge router brings precision to work.
  • Cutting and managing the large pieces is quite a tough job for the people who use manual methods. The use of the plunge router makes such work easy and comfortable.
  • The plunge routers controlled by computers can produce hundreds and thousands of wood pieces with the most satisfactory results and 100% accuracy. Therefore, such plunge routers are an excellent choice for companies that produce high-quality work in a short period.
  • The plunge router is easy to operate if handled with care and accuracy.
  • Different routers are suited for various tasks, and the same is the case with the use of bits in the router.
  • The use of bits makes the router most attractive and practical. There are different types of bits that are used in the plunge router to make it more effective.
  • Unique features and the speed control option in the plunge router make it a useful and reliable tool for workers. A metal motor router assures long-lasting performance in case of heavy work.
  • The handles of the router are meant to maintain the control of the person holding it. The routers are manufactured in such a way to provide a level of comfort to the owner.
  • Different routers are present for various purposes. For example, plastic routers are used to cut plastic and plunge routers for cutting and fixing the wood. The differentiation of this criterion makes it more specific and reliable.

Bringing It All Together

The points mentioned above and arguments might have clear your ambiguities regarding the query “What is a plunge router?”, “What are its advantages?” and it’s also proved that a plunge router is much better than any other machine.

It is the best and trustworthy machine to use to cut almost all types of wood and chipboard etc., the presence of different switches, including the speed control, has to make it easier for its users.

Once the craftsmen have mastered designing the furniture, then a plunge router is the best option for him to complete his task in less time and with perfection.


Is the plunge router better than manual working?

Yes, it is much better. There is an increase in production capacity when using a plunge router. The plunge router increases the ability of the work four times greater than with manual purposes.

The manual work is always dangerous for workers concerning injury, and the accuracy cannot be attained like the automatic machines. The plunge router is the best option in this regard. It highly minimizes the risk factors among the workers.

Can we make designs with plunge routers?

If a person is willing to attain different designs with perfection, then the plunge router is the best option as it can provide a lot of designs and varieties to a work.

For example, if you are willing to get a shape of a circle or the wood interior has to be decorated, then the use of a plunge router will do the work more efficiently.

What should be the weight of a plunge router?

The weight and size of the router vary with need. For high profile industries and heavy budget industries, large and heavy routers are preferable that works automatically and with maximum efficiency.

How deep can a plunge router cut?

One can cut the finest and accurate depths due to micro-fine depth adjustment of plunge routes. The centre is dependent on blades.

There are a wide range and variety of wood blades and cutters fixed with the routers and various shapes and features to the workpiece.

Can we control the speed of a plunge router?

Most of the routers can be controlled so that their speed is in the hands of the workers. That speed can be controlled through speed control buttons that are present in many plunge routers.

Deeper cuts, hardwoods, and other hard surfaces require more horsepowers and vice versa. Routers with electronic motor maintain a consistent speed to avoid jerks and problems during heavy load.


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