How to sharpen drill bits with a file

How to sharpen drill bits with a file

Are you facing the problem of the dull drill bits? Your drill used to work very well but with the passage of time, it is getting less efficient? There can be various reasons for that problem so are the solutions. In this article, we are going to give you the complete guidelines on how to sharpen drill bits with files.

Now that your drill bits are getting out of order so your whole working routine is going to be upside down. Any work requires proper instruments. Whenever anyone goes missing, the work becomes impossible to continue. Now your dull drill bits are so out of outer that even dealing with softwoods or different metals, they tend to create unpleasant smoke all-around your work area.

At this point, you become so disappointed with your device and decide to buy a new one. But wait! I have an amazing solution for you. What solution? It is in fact the method or technique to sharpen the instrument with a file, and what more, doing it all by yourself! Yes, you don’t have to get the services of an expert.  Now, without having further ado, let’s get straight into the method.

How to sharpen drill bits with a file? Easy approach

There are various methods of pointing dull, useless drill bits. The most common method used is by means of a grinder. It is an easy method too, with one disadvantage, that is not all people have a grinder at their home.

So, the method which we are going to share with you is surely going to do the job with as simple an instrument as the file. You need no grinder to do the job, only a file can serve the purpose easily.

Safety measures

There are the following safety measures that you should follow in order to perform the method right and without getting into some serious health-related issues:

  • Don’t wear gloves while doing the pointing procedures. The gloves or any material can get in the way of the pointing instrument and they can get torn. It can harm your underneath skin. So avoid the whole mess and do not wear anything that can get caught by the pointing instrument.
  • Take care of the correct posture while doing your work.
  • Wear safety glasses for preventing your eyes from tiny metal pieces that keep flying during the procedure.

Understand the drill bits

While dealing with any equipment, it is vital to have proper knowledge of its structure and functions. Similarly, Drill Bits are changed from sharpening router bits. You can’t replace both these bits.

it is important to be well aware of the drill bits’ body parts. Without having proper knowledge of it, you will be unable to decide which part requires much focus while pointing. Because focusing on the wrong part can only do more harm than making things right. So in order to get the desired results, you need to gather basic information about the drill bits.

The drill has the following parts:

1.   Lips

Lips are the main part of the drill bits that perform the process of cutting. While doing the cutting, the lip area comes in direct contact with the material you are about to cut. These are like edges that perform the main work of creating holes.

The thing to consider while pointing the lips is that they sharpen the lip on a symmetrical level. If you sharpen one part more than the other, the result can be very bad. Next time drill will make twisted holes that are not that straight.

2.   Land

It is the part of the drill whose main function is to provide support to the lip part while cutting. The performers usually want to have a certain empty space between drill and material. This angle is maintained by the Land.

3.   Chisel

This part does not perform the basic cutting process itself. It has the function of smudging the material whether it is metal or wood on the lip. That is it attaches them both together.


How to sharpen the drill bits with a file Step by step explanation

Now there are the following steps involved in the pointing process:

Step 1:

This is the cleaning step. Just clean the drill bit area properly. Cleaning it will require removing dirt that has piled up over the drill bit over time. The cleaning can be done using the cloth. Remove the grime or dust from the drill bit. If it is sticky and hard to remove and then make use of the wet cloth.

Step 2:

Step 2 is about holding the drill bit into your hand properly. Your grip should be firm. Shaking hands will not make proper pointing. The balance may be difficult to manage. So it would be better to use a clamp and a table.

Step 3:

Step 3 is the most crucial step of all others. Now, you are holding a file and making the angle of 60 degrees. This angle is the angle between bits lips and file.

Step 4:

Now in this step, you will move the file across the bit’s lip. You should repeat the process a minimum of eight times. Then repeat the process for the other lip of the drill too. Try to use a curvy motion of direction for moving the file across the surface of the drill bit.

Step 5

There are the blind drill bit edges and burrs that need to get sharpened. Make sure to sharpen these areas. This has a benefit that while using the drill, later on, your skin will not get any cut or damage. It is the safety pointing that is as much important as the main pointing is. So take extra care of it too.

Final step:

Now that you are done with the pointing process. Take some water and pour over the drill bits. Alternatively use a few drops of machine oil. Using water or oil will wash away and clean any particles of metal.

Video Tutorial:

Testing the sharpness

Now, as you have sharpened the drill bits, the question is, how would you know? The answer is super simple. Try drilling with it. Take a wood piece and touch it against the drill bit. Check out if the drill bit is working. Watch that if it has made a hole easily. For the checking process, there is no need of applying pressure. If the drill does succeed in making a hole, it means that you have accomplished the task of pointing the drill bits successfully.

You have now learned how to sharpen drill bits with a file. Now, as you can see it is a simple process and cost-effective.

Pointing with jewel files

Bits with a pilot screw will need to be sharpened using a jewel file. It is a cost-effective method of pointing. All you will be needing is a jewel needle file.

To cut a long story short, jewel needle files can be used easily for any pointing process. Many people do not want to use the hand method as it takes time. But it is safe as compared to the other method. Also, you can easily use the jewel file method even when there is no electricity. So no doubt, it is a cost-effective method.

Some useful tips for pointing the drill bits

There are some tips that you should keep in mind while filing:

  • While pointing, keep your focus on the edge area. Do not go beyond that. It requires good balance and focuses to do it the right way.
  • When you purchase new drill bits, sometimes they also need some pointing. So don’t think that these new drill bits are faulty.
  • Do not overdo the pointing process. The bits can become weak. So over pointing is not doing any good.

Filing the drill bits or buying the new ones? What to choose?

Now how to decide whether you should sharpen the drill bits or purchase a new one. As you have learned in the article about how to sharpen the drill bits, it is a very easy method. While purchasing a new one will surely cost a lot more. So the choice is yours. Whether you want to spend your hard-earned money on buying the new drill bits or want to save the money by performing a filing method by yourself.

Final words

As a professional or a new person, you know very well about the time it takes by working with dull bits. In Spite of it many people carry on working with chipped bits for a long time. They probably have this perception in mind that filing the bits will require much time. But this is not true.

Filing may take some time, but a lot more time may get wasted when you keep working with dull drill bits. Drill bits are very different from Router Bits.

If you want to work as a professional, then do maintain your equipment so that you can work smartly and effectively with them. Keeping non-functioning equipment will consume your energy and time. As we all know very well that time is money so waste it wisely.

Maintaining your equipment also lifts your mood and you will feel fresher and motivated by working with this equipment.

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