How to sharpen carbide router bits

How to sharpen carbide router bits

You are about to start a project and are preparing for it as you have gathered the necessary material required for the project. This material is now present on your work desk, and now you can shape your dreams into a real picture by creating a unique piece of work. Feelings of excitement are there.

As important as it is to have the right quality equipment, it is equally essential to maintain its quality. If you want to know how then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to sharpen carbide router bits.

But all of it can turn into a total disappointment if you don’t have the right type of equipment available at your desk. Router bits are the equipment that can turn your desired task from imagination to reality. You only need to have the right quality equipment for excellent task performance.

Proper functioning of router bits is so essential that without them, your task will remain unfinished. You will face a severe issue when router bits stop functioning correctly. There are three crucial things about router bits to take into consideration.

  • Material
  • Measurement
  • Its manufacturer

Keeping the above things in mind, you have to decide how to buy a fair router bit or a router bit’s useful features.

Carbide router bits and its features

Carbide router bits

Router bits a rotating type of equipment that works as pivots. Like all other devices or equipment, these are also available in the market for different shapes and possess versatile features.

Mainly the router bits come in the market incorporating the following bits.

Carbide, which is commonly used

  • Famous dovetail router bit
  • A unique diamond router bit
  • A modern industrial bit

You can choose any of them, but carbide bit is the type among all others that the woodworkers commonly use to assist them in their tasks. The side effects of it are fragile, brittle, and costly.

Prominent features

There are several essential features of router bits to keep in mind while dealing with the one. These include particulars like cut length, cut point, distance, and size of the shank.

The range of cutting ends is from 7 0 to 18 0, and the range of its shank sizes is from one-fourth inches to half inches. While talking about large or small router bits, then keep in mind that a large router bit is superior to the smaller one.

The reason being its thick shank measurements. Due to its thickness, the impact of vibrations is not so much. As a result, the possibility of twisting or breaking is infrequent.


The most common use of router bits is in the proper functioning of machines and drills. Through its help, typical shape and size are given to any edge.

The carpenters and woodworkers vastly use these router bits, and these people use it to fix and smooth joints that must be sliced to the most elevated resistance.

As there are little bends and twists in wood or any similar material, the diamond stone router bit works very well in the slides and twists.

Why do carbide router bits get dull, and how often to sharpen it?

Like anything gets damaged by miss handling, so are the router bits. They can get dull. But do not worry like there is a solution to every problem; hence this issue can be resolved. There are diamond honing stones that will solve the problem.

Router bits are sharpened through them. One set can go with more than one router bits and are available in the following forms

  • Six-piece set
  • Twelve piece set
  • Fifteen piece set

There will be no issue when you handle router bits with care. You should also keep in mind that you should know how these devices do the cutting process. Once you know the whole process, you will less likely misuse the router bits; anyhow if these bits get dull, then no reason to worry.

Excellent quality carbide router bits can be highly relied on by users, but even then, resharpening should be the routine business. Carbide is far better than steel in taking an edge, but its regular maintenance in the form of resharpening is necessary.

While any of the bits requires filing several times in seven days, a router bit possessing a carbide tip and doing similar working will need resharpening one time in one week. So no matter how the wood’s structure is, whether the wood is weak or a strong one, the bits can turn dull in any condition.

So carbide bits also need honing. Now learn about how to sharpen carbide router bits.

How to sharpen carbide router bits? Simple steps

How to sharpen carbide router bits

Let’s understand how to sharpen carbide router bits by following simple steps:

Step 1:

The second step follows while learning how to sharpen carbide router bits is also very simple.

As difficult and challenging as it might seem, sharpening router bits is a straightforward task. You will not require a sharpening jig to perform the honing task right. Neither is there any need for a sharpening machine or complicated hardware?

You will require the following things such as:

  • 2 or 3 diamond jewel oars
  • Diamond needle for smaller bits
  • Well lightened area or sitting place
  • Good working spot

There is no need for delicate fingerwork, and merely a shot is required at the level spiral face of each woodwind. You should take care of one thing, which is not interfering with the flute’s external edge.

If you do this, then there are chances that its horizontal distance and its profile would get affected. So better to avoid this situation. It is critical to sharpening consistently so that touch will remain adjusted, and it will be easy to do the cutting process. One quick tip is instead of sticking to only one woodwind until it gets pointy.

It is advisable to perform more than five strokes to each woodwind. Then, you will turn the touch and repeat the woodwind process like the previous one, again returning to the earlier woodwinds. Place the diamond oar at the same level as the flute. Use a Diamond needle in case of smaller bits.

Then hold it gently so that you can judge the remaining group and can get to it. The jewel abrasives should be utilized in dry form. In this way, they’ll need less frequent cleaning. Generally, it is recommended by the experts to carry the bit and jewels in different hands.

Step 2

Keep on investigating each woodwind while performing the sharpening task. By becoming extra vigilant, you will know what you are doing.

You will be aware if you place more weight in one spot than the other. Also, you’ll see if you have missed out a point altogether. One inevitable fact is that you should know that the flute does not come leveled from the manufacturing unit, so extra work will be required to lap each woodwind level completely.

So with this extra work, you will succeed and attain a pointy edge easily. Experts recommend using fine diamond stone abrasives. Coarse diamond abrasives tend to break the fragile carbide edges rather than doing any good.

Final step

Having performed the processes correctly, here comes the last step. Now, the question is, how will you know that the sharpness you required has been achieved? The answer is as easy as the whole process of how to sharpen carbide router bits itself is. Yes, its solution is super simple:

  • Feel the corner and do some tasks by it.
  • You are not finding any specks of illumination over the edge
  • You touch it and find it better and sharp

Wow, you have accomplished the task.

Points to remember

It would help if you always kept in mind that no matter how vital the sharpening is, the cleaning process has its value. The cleaning process gets in the cleaning process because it formed a muck over and around the cutting corner or edge. It would help if you adopted the following techniques to cover that:

These techniques are :

  • Reduce the muck beside the edge. The process should be done thoroughly. Minimize all of it.
  • Provide some friction so that by getting the clash, the edge will get some heat. Perform the friction process in the same way as on the dull surface. By giving the conflict, the body becomes clean. Friction cleaning is the standard method used in the cleaning of any flat surface.
  • You can use a solution that is nonacidic. That solution is typically used for cleaning the corners and edges. It is a great solution, and you can buy it from any store selling the cleaners.
  • Before starting the cleaning process, eliminate any pilots of the metal roller.
  • Using a brush, put a thorough layer of the cleaner all over the edge surface.
  • Remain it covered with the metal for some time. The appropriate time for it would be 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Apply warm water also to it. Use a toothbrush while pouring the warm water over the surface.
  • Let it try ultimately. You should make sure that the device is dry before starting to work again.
  • Start working again as your carbide router bit is clean now.
  • Oiling the router bits would be a great option.
  • Regular cleaning is recommended when you are dealing with pinewood type.

Learn how to sharpen carbide router bits or purchase a new one?

Learn how to sharpen carbide router bits

It is always tempting to purchase a new item. So if your router bit gets dull, then you also want to buy a new one. But try the simple process of sharpening the router bits. It may look like a lengthy or burdensome task that can only be performed by the experts.  You can also learn about sharpening drill Bits.

But the truth is that you can do it in your home, working place or anywhere you want. The whole process of sharpening only requires you to know how to sharpen carbide router bits. After learning it correctly, you only need to perform the procedure as mentioned.

All the cost incurred in the process of sharpening is much less than the cost of buying a new one. By sharpening the dull bits in the comfort of your home will give you immense satisfaction. You will be free of the pain of going back to the store and returning the defective piece to them while purchasing a new one at high costs.

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