How to Make Money With a CNC Router


One pleasant day, I was discussing career opportunities with my friend and we found a CNC router in the list of things used to make money.

How to Make Money with a CNC Router

I was not sure how this thing could be a source of making money. After brief research, it was cleared that making money with a CNC router is a great way. What do you think cutting or figuring is a tricky thing? Well, you could be a person with great skills but it might be challenging for you to craft even more delicate and stylish figures.

Before finding several ways of answering how to make money with a CNC router, it is important to figure out what a CNC router is.

CNC router or a Computer Numerical Control router is a machine functions with computer-driven technology. It uses to make flawless shapes and cuts precisely. With this tool, your overall productivity boosts while decreasing product wastage and making a heap of stuff in a minimum time.

Do you have any idea how a CNC router works?

In order to make money with a CNC router, you need software and a computer with basic computer knowledge to function as a router. With a CNC router, you can cut different materials in minimalist size and feature. All these cuts are made with intense accuracy of the CAD (Computer Assisted Design) program.

Making money with a CNC router will make you think more collectively and wasting any material or compromising over design quality will not be a part of your plan. Highly precise accuracy is used while making different designs and shapes with a CNC router.

That’s why making purely obscure figures with a CNC router is the best option so far. Now, you can enjoy making money with a CNC router and the most intricate things as well as designs. You can avoid making the design again and again with this tool.

How to Make Money with a CNC Router?

Let’s have a look at the most possible uses of the CNC router that helps to make money.

Making Signs

If you have a creative mind, you can come up with lots of new ideas and designs that can be shaped over wood, plastic, or even bronze. Making signs on any material will help you make money with a CNC router. Well, making signs with this tool is a wide-ranging field that is why it might be possible that you become overwhelmed.

It all depends upon your choice and interests. Signs you can make include welcome signs, bar signs, bathroom signs, key holders, 3D signs, door hangers, and lots more.

You have to find a suitable place in the market to upgrade your career in this profession.

Furniture Milling

With CNC routers, you can make an infinite number of products including furniture milling. You can make different kinds of shelves, tables, countertops, cabinets, and much more. You need to research a bit before marketing your products and in your research, you have to find out which product you would like to market according to its marketability.

Custom Outlet and Switch Covers

Other than making furniture and plastic things, you can turn your efforts towards making outlet and switch covers. Making perfectly fitted outlets and switch covers with a CNC router is not a big deal and it is actually a fun thing to do so.

Crafting customized styles of switches will surely make your customers happy and you may get a positive compliment.


Furniture making is something else when you have the most complex featured tool CNC router, you can easily make plenty of things. Woodworkers having CNC router can polish their skills even more than before. For delicate designs, this machine can make huge pieces, playing games, toys, and complicated sets of different designs.

Make sure to articulate your creativity in terms of designs so that you can value yourself in front of others. You can research things that are more active in people and try making those items to make money.

Instrumental Invention

An artist must have speed and accuracy in his/her skills. When you have a CNC router, you will be more than an expert in drawing fine details over any material. You can contribute to making little or whole instruments of music including piano, guitar, and other wooden made items.

With a CNC router, you can make these products and other things with more accuracy and speed.

Artificial Invention Sets

Lots of finely crafted shapes and designs can be seen on the stage of theatre and movies.

The majority of the items are made up of plastic and wood that are renovated to fulfill the requirements. Try finding things that can be helpful for the stage artists and theatre. By adding more creativity into these items you can make them more valuable.

Things to Consider Doing Business with a CNC Router

Do you know what things you need to consider while starting a business with a CNC router?

Start from your Expertise

No doubt starting is difficult, but you have to put all of your efforts in the beginning so that you can push start your business. Start with whatever you can do best. Slowly and gradually you will start progressing in your project.

Keep on acquiring knowledge about the field and using equipment are the major things to consider.

Understand How to Sell Products

To sell your products you have to understand the psychology of people that tend to buy items you are supposed to sell.  It does not matter what product you are selling all you have to do is make a deep understanding of your audience.

Until you don’t understand the people, you will not make money at all. To over speed the CNC router business, a social media page could be one of the leading sources for you. Getting a site with a few paid campaigns will help you find a smooth track to grab some gold coins.

Understand Ideal Selling Options

When you are in the field, it is obvious that you will have to face lots of competition. If you have a unique product or if the marketing strategy is innovative then it will be useful for you. Have you worked on the specs, price, or accessibility of the product?

If so, then your product could be on the hit list for those who are seeking the same niche items. Try offering some great events, coupons, rewards to grab the attention of your clients.

Serve on Multiple Offers

If you are offering numerous services it will be more than good for your business because your client will not need to wander here and there to complete the product finishing. For each service, you will get a handsome amount of money. And you can get the benefit of offering additional services.

Do Whatever Your Instrument Can Do

Try doing what your tool is capable of. Plenty of routers can simply design wood and plastic figures and if you start making bronze items, it will surely be a welcoming call to the loss of your investment. Don’t try it in any case.

Summing Up

Here you can see the most useful sources of making money that answers how to make money with a CNC router. It all depends upon you which source you start availing. Choose what suits your personality and interest. However, it could be your side business and for a better living, you have to find more options.

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