How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router? 7 Easy Steps


How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router

It’s up to your choice to purchase a table or built it yourself. For building, the main questions that arise are how to make a router table for a plunge router? How to fix the router on the table? Or which things should be taken into account while making a table for the plunge router?

A router table in your shop can be a great investment. There are many things that you can do on a router table. Setting up to make exact cuts is easy, and the results are amazing.

Tables can be as simple as a flat top with 4 legs with a rectangular hole cut out to insert a plate with a router attached to it. Some are elaborate with a closed cabinet base that has a dust collection system.

So, here is the complete discussion about these topics:

Router Tables – Purchase or Build?

How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router

Many consider the construction of a router table a sort of a necessity in the realm of serious woodworking.

While it is true that designing a router table offers a good opportunity to practice many of the skills necessary for more serious furniture-making projects, some prefer purchasing a full-featured table so they will be able to complete projects they consider more satisfying.

The decision to build your own router table should be considered concerning our available time and priorities. If you want features according to your demand, and more precision and accurateness, then you can build one by following easy steps.

How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router? Step By Step Procedure

Here is a step by step procedure for building a table for a plunge router:

Step: 1 – Get All The Required Accessories

The first and foremost step is to get all the required accessories. Following accessories will be needed while making a router table for a plunge router.

Mounting Accessories: You’ll need several mounting accessories like clamps, nuts, groove bits, bolts, and hole saw.

Insert Ring: Insert rings are of various sizes but mostly of circular shapes. Of course, there are possibilities of finding multiple insert rings; however, it will depend on the size of the table you want to make.

Insert Plate: The insert plate is mostly one. Regardless of the type you end up building, you would still need to drill through the insert plate to bolt down the router.

Router Table Fence: You must add it to your table as it aids in attaining precision and accuracy.

Plunge Router: A plunge router will be fixed on the table at the end.

Step: 2 – Evaluation Of Board

Now it’s time for evaluating the design of your board. Evaluate the drilling requirements for the insert plate of the router table.

Also, compare it to the router base. You need to make a thorough idea in your mind regarding the design of the table according to your requirements and implement it.

Step: 3 – Markings & Drilling

Now it’s the time for some drilling. Make use of tape to make markings on the router plate using the router base as a model. In other words, lay the router base on the router plate so as make the markings awesome.

Use the right bit to drill the marked spots as directed by the manufacturer. Countersinking is the best method of drilling, which is mostly recommended.

Nonetheless, be cautious while doing this. However, allow the drilling to penetrate from the router plate straight into the insert plate also to maintain optimal precisions.

Step: 4 – Insertion of the Insert Plate

For answering the query “How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router?” this is the most important step. Having drilled the insert plate. Identify also the bolts that are designated for the rebate centre.

The bolts have nylock nuts. The bolts are to be fixed into the designated holes from beneath, and the nylock nuts are used to lock them from the top.

Afterward, place the insert plate at the top of the nuts. Use a screwdriver to adjust the bolts until the plate is leveled with the router table itself.

The bolts on the edges are meant to brace the insert plate to make the performance steady while it’s functioning.

Check out if the surface is smooth and rigid to the spot

Step: 5 – Fixation of the Plunge Router

Plunge routers are constructed in a way that you can intuitively mount them onto a router table as long as the insert plate is well set.

So, identify the parts on it where the 4 extruded metals are located and insert them via the 4 holes. Of course, you could use a washer bolt if required. Once that’s done, you can move on to the next stage.

Step: 6 – Opting for an Insert Ring

Insert rings are one of the essentials that you need for making accurate precisions. However, selecting the right one could be hard. Indeed, that’s because they are of different shapes and sizes.

Nonetheless, what you should be mindful of is the clearance. Opt for a ring that has about ¼” in diameter with regards to the bit that you’re using. This would provide support and optimal flexibility to the bit itself. In other words, the fact that there are spaces created, the spinning of the bits would definitely be lucid.

Step: 7 – Enjoy Routing

To realize the full potential of the plunge router, use it by fixing it on the router table to safely and accurately complete a milling operation. Enjoy Routing!

Some Perks of Making A Router Table For A Plunge Router

While preceding the query “How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router?”, let’s discuss some perks of making a router table.

The decision to get a router table is definitely a personal one, and it truly depends on what type of work you’re intent on doing if you plan on doing heavy work, or extremely precise joinery you’ll want to invest either in purchasing or building.

  1. Incredible Precise Cuts

By using a router table, you’ll be able to make incredibly precise cuts while utilizing the fence properly. Adjust the fence to where you need it, turn on your router, and make the pass. Routers are already precision tools, and once you have one in a fixed position, you’re definitely going to be impressed with the results.

  1. Enhances The Cuts

You might be tempted to build one yourself, and that’s certainly an option. The complete method is stated earlier. Remember that routers, especially larger ones, are compelling tools and even momentary contact with a bit in motion can result in serious injury.

So, be cautious while building or operating. Overall they are powerful tools whose power is enhanced with the table.

  1. Easy Trimming

While trimming paneling is quite easy working freehand, as is any “cut-to-fit” type of work, you definitely want the added precision on larger pieces. Joinery, especially, will benefit from moving the wood over a bit in a fixed place, you can set your depth and make clean, reliable cuts every time.

For Example:

Take a bookshelf, for instance, a deviation of only a couple of degrees in where the shelving is going to fit can result in a useless piece since things will slide off the shelves. Using a router table and a fence, you can make the straight cuts you need reliably in a single pass, without the risk of user error.

  1. Space Saving

They’re not essential for all tasks, but if you’re serious about your woodworking, they can be almost as essential as the plunge router itself. There’s even a couple of them that can fit onto an existing table saw, which can save space in your workshop and allow you to keep these essential tools in the same place.

The advantages of using a table over just holding your router are enormous. A router table is an investment that you certainly won’t regret, and they’re generally not that expensive if you build them yourself.

A dedicated router table is the best option for enhancing your routing experience and your question of “How To Make A Router Table For A Plunge Router?” might have solved till now.

Final Thoughts

So, making a router table for a plunge router is not a difficult task. You need to be consistent and focused. You can easily build one according to your requirements, and they very functional helping you in your plunge routing tasks.

Just choose good equipment to ensure the longevity of the router as cheap products won’t last long and implement the way we told as an answer to your query “How to make a router table for a plunge router?” and enjoy routing!


What is table saw router table?

It is a space-saving option is and is not only is this efficient from a space-planning perspective but oftentimes the table saw fence can serve as the fence when utilizing the router table, saving the expense of purchasing a dedicated fence as well as not having to store yet another accessory when not in use.

Which router tables can be used as job sites?

A benchtop or portable router table that can be stowed away and only set up when needed is a viable option for those with limited space, and they can easily be transported to a Jobsite for use.

Which things should be taken into account while making a router table for a plunge router?

The thing you must pay attention to is the router table must have a flat top so when you are putting it on top of it; your woods won’t turn into some kinda’ like a wave. The other important thing is the base plate, which you will be attached to the plunge router to. It has to be a solid one so it won’t shaking and should be remains flat


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