How to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower

How to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower

What is a dust collector?

How to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower first we discuss what is a dust collector.

So, a dust collector is a system that uses for cleaning the air at the industrial level. It is the machine that consumes or absorbs dust, chemicals, and different thing from air.

That is harmful to people when they breathe and all the dust particles go into your body.  It is the device that helps us to make air clean and make it able to breathe.

Many industries released glass, plastic, and different particles which are very harmful to people’s health. It causes many diseases like cough, breathing problems, and asthma.

We need to make it possible that the air should be clean, purify, and desirable for breathing. When we are sick our breathing system is disturbed due to this dust and we feel difficulty in breathing.

When air is dirty it also affects the plants, trees, and animals. It also affects marine life. The industries through their waste materials at the shore of the sea then it causes trouble for water creatures. It affects them badly and brings them to death.

It is a pollution control device to maintain our environment and keep the air clean. The vacuum cleaner is also a dust collector for house levels, small places, and shops. It is an electrical device to clean our home. Its basic purpose is to absorb dust from carpets, floors, and doormats.

It is very used at room and house levels. It is very easy and comfortable to use. You simply put the plug into switches and mop on the floor and go to that place where you feel dust. It brings dirt from that place and makes clean

Its best use is that its wire is springy that you can bring where you want under the beds, sofas and the different furniture. Where you can’t able to clean dirt and feel it uncomfortable to mop. It is very helpful for this purpose.

It the small unit of the dust collector which we use at small levels in houses and shops. This device is easy to carry and easy to use.

How it is useful for us

It is very useful for professional peoples. That they can buy for their shops, markets, and shopping malls.

Some people think it is a very luxurious thing to buy and consider it as a wastage of money.

But they don’t think that this dust affects them badly.

They don’t consider the dust is harmful to their respiratory system and affect it badly and they don’t take it seriously.

It also affects our eyes, skin, and throat. If this dust goes into your eyes it causes redness in them.

When you take a breath in dirty air some particles of dirt which present in the air attached to the nostrils but some very small particles which are present in the air affect your lungs and cause many lung diseases.

You noticed when the wooden are cuts with the machines the particles of the wood collect with a mop which we can see easily but some small particles left in the air which cause chest problems and it also go into your air pipe which causes many other diseases.

If you are a barber or work in a barbershop there are a lot of dust particles and small hair of different peoples. Every person is not a healthy person in the shop.

And when you cut hair it spread everywhere and you can clean it after every minute. If you have a dust collector in your shop then you should not need to clean it after every minute it easily absorbs all the dust from your shop with a dust collector automatically.

After knowing that it is easy for us how to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower. That’s why we want a dust collector in our daily life to save us from dust and different diseases.

If we see any dust around the place where we work so we can use the dust collector to remove dust from that place and clean it.

Dusty areas are not good for us because when we sit on some sofa and chair and we feel the dust on it so we feel irritation so we can clean the dust with a dust collector.

How to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower

These are some steps which are very helpful for how to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower.

A dust collector is difficult to buy because it is very big and difficult to carry in homes and shops. That’s why we need a dust collector at home that keeps our home dust-free and clean.

If it is not available in the market that you can try to make it yourself at home.

So dust collector is necessary now a day. So you should buy a dust collector and place it in your home to make your home clean and make breathe dirt with less air.

Different steps to make a dust collector

The things which we need to make a dust collector are:

  • A hard basket with its cap
  • Small curved pipes
  • Coupler
  • Screws
  • Hot adhesive Glue
  • Drill machine
  • Old vacuum cleaner pipe
  • A strong thread

Following steps that you must follow:

  1. Take the basket and drill the four holes in the curved pipes that the thread can pass easily into the holes. Make four holes in the vacuum cleaner pipe that can equal the holes that we make into the curved pipes. And make sure that the vacuum cleaner pipe holes exactly under the holes of the curved pipes.
  2. Now take screws and put them into vacuum pipes and curved pipes and fit them strongly. And that they cannot be easily separated. So make sure that they are fitted strongly and not be break easily. It is an important part of the dust collector if it is not strong that your machine is also weak and becomes out of order after a few days.
  3. Now take the cap of the basket which we used for the dust collector and take the pen and mark the size of the curved pipe and remove the curved pipe. Take a sharp cutter and make a hole with the help of it. That you draw on the cover of the basket.
  4. Now take hot adhesive glue. You make sure that the glue is permanent and not be easily removed. Because the glue is not good your dust collector did not stick strongly and break easily. It is the main part of the dust collector. It collects all the dirt.
  5. Now apply the glue to the curved pipes and fit into them. And check it is dry and cannot be easily removed with pulling.
  6. Now make another hole the same as above you make on the upper side of the basket cover. But this time you lay down the basket and make a hole on the left/right side of the basket.
  7. Now take the coupler to join the machine with the basket. The coupler you should use in making a dust collector is hard and of good quality. Take the coupler place on the side of the basket and mark its size.
  8. Now remove the coupler and make the hole with the help of the coupler. Apply glue on the coupler sides and attached it to that hole. Then take the pipe of the machine and attached it to the other side of the coupler.
  9. Your dust collector is ready.

It is the simplest method by which you know how to make a dust collector out of a furnace blower.

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