Fixed Base vs Plunge Router – What is the Best for you?

Fixed Base vs Plunge Router

While talking about fixed base vs plunge router, we’ll say that it depends on the user’s need and expertise level. If you’re an expert woodworker, you go with a plunge router or router kit, but for newbies, a fixed base is preferred as it is easy to use but less versatile than a plunge base.

Routers are power tools that cut the wood out to make it hollow and can work on any material you want. You will find it easy to carve out many intricate designs in the wood with routers’ help.

It is a versatile tool capable of doing various tasks. It is a simple tool but does incredible work. There are excellent routing techniques that one can master if he is passionate about doing woodwork.

There are various types of routers available in markets, categorized by the way the base is attached to the motor. In this post, a fixed base vs plunge router comparison is given so that you can choose one according to your demand.

Fixed Base Routers

Fixed Base Routers

The fixed base router is a type of wood router where the router base stays fixed and doesn’t move while the cutting process. The router depth can be adjusted, but very minimally (an inch or so).

Plunge base routers are extremely accurate cutting machines designed to create decorative edge details and make complicated carpentry, such as dovetail drawers.

A fixed base router can be mounted to a router table, allowing the user to use both hands to manipulate the material being worked with.

The static base router is a good start line for beginners, and one can then latch on to the plunge base router to do more complicated designs. Because the plunge router has a heavy top, it is a bit harder to work with.

Some Perks of Fixed Base Routers

Here are some pros of using a fixed base router. First of all, it is easy to use for beginners. Also, it is good for trimming the edges or corners and is capable of making deep cuts.

You can easily install it on a table and manage it according to your requirements. Also, it is suitable for making deep designs with ease.

The downside of Fixed Base Routers

The major con of the fixed base router is the lack of advanced features. It can’t be used for specific technical works.

Best Fixed Base Router – Dewalt Router

Other than the dilemma of fix base vs plunge router, we have reviewed the best overall fix base router to help you in the selection process. It is an adjustable router with an 11-amp steel motor with 1-3/4 Horsepower. Also, it is capable of in-depth cutting because of the micro-fine adjustment ring.

It is also popular because of its ability to make beautiful designs on any object. With an affordable price range and excellent quality, it will enhance your woodworking experience. It’s combining a high power range and outstanding performance. Therefore it is the best-fixed base router.

Why it Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the ease of use. Even beginners can efficiently operate it with the help of handles. Also, it is affordable and suitable for buying for practising purposes. Although missing some advanced features, but the routing results are fantastic.

Plunge Router

Plunge Router

A plunge router is almost the same in construction as the fixed base router. The difference is only of a spring attached with the base. You can easily make the designs of your choice with the help of this router.

As we’re debating over fixed based vs plunge router, this router is a bit more versatile than the fixed base.

The main reason is the presence of a unique feature to enhance the cutting process. You can easily route down the hard pieces with the help of a plunge router.

But at the same, it is a bit hard to use for beginners as well. If you’re new to routing, you might get frustrated or end up using this router. So, it’s not suitable for beginners.

It is best for experienced craftsmen and experienced woodworkers to carve beautiful designs.

Some Perks of Plunge Router

Some of the pro features of the plunge router are that you can have high control over the workpieces and is best for giving shapes and making designs on the objects. The results are also accurate. This router is long-living and is capable of routing heavy woods.

The downside of a Plunge Router

The downside of plunge routers is that it is a bit difficult to master for beginners because of highly advanced features and will take some time for complete mastering over it.

Best Plunge Router – Bosch Plunge Base Router

Bosch Plunge Base Router is our recommendation if you’re looking to get an affordable plunge base router.

Its 15 amps powerful motor can produce 10000 – 25000 revolutions per minute, and this changing speed feature results in beautiful and stunning designs on the wood.

The motor is also responsible for maintaining a consistent speed to avoid jerks and problems during heavy loads.

It is easy to adjust and operate, with moulded handles for adequate control. The router is great for making unique designs, while the variable speed option makes this Bosch router the ideal choice for cutting both hard and soft kinds of wood.

The micro-fine bit system present is capable of accurate cutting and adjusting the depth. Also, the user control on the router is enhanced, and it leads to precision in output.

Why it Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out and entitled as “best electric plunge router” is versatility. It has so many unique features like a trigger control system, depth adjustment, LED lightings (for aid in cutting), and a powerful motor. These features result in inaccuracy in the cutting process, which further the woodworking process.

Fixed Base vs Plunge Router – Which One Should You Use?

Fixed Base vs Plunge Router

As we are done with the comparison between fixed base vs plunge router, it’s time to decide which is the best or comparatively better option. Frankly speaking, it just depends on the level of skill.

If you’re a newbie, we’ll suggest you go with fix base. The reason is the ease of use and comfort of your hands.

You can easily practice the depth analysis before cutting while taking into account the adjustments. You can easily design a shape or pattern with the help of this handheld design.

Overall, as a newbie, it is excellent for improving your level of skill.

But if you’re an expert looking for craving great designs and precise depth adjustments, then a plunge router should be your priority.

It usually has several features like speed maintenance, dust collection, quick motor latches, and many more. Also, they’re for piercing the hardwood. So, as an expert, you must opt for a plunge router.

So, it just depends on your level of expertness. Analyze yourself and chose according to your requirements.

Thinking of leaving, Right! Just hold a second. There is another excellent router, which combines types of routers, and you can operate the one anytime. Do check this out.

Interchangeable Router – A Combo Of Fixed Base vs Plunge Routers

Interchangeable routers, also known as a router kit, are the best ones for use if you cannot decide as it provides both features of a fixed base and plunge router. There are many kinds of router kits available in the market.

They usually differ in their speed, power, performance, and price. If you are new to woodworking, obviously, there is no need of buying an expensive unit. But, if you’re an expert, you must consider them.

So, interchange them as per your needs and it is the most efficient because it meets all of your needs.


Closing Remarks

In the end, it is concluded that if you’re still in a dilemma, go with an interchangeable router. It will allow you to choose between a fix based or plunge router.

Also, in the beginning, you can go with a fixed base because of less experience. After some time, you can switch to a plunge router as per your understanding. But again, it depends on your level of skill.

We hope you’ve entirely analyzed the fixed base vs plunge router comparison, which has helped you in your routing experience.

Analyze them properly and consider which router is best for you, depending on your demands. Just choose one and enjoy woodworking.


Which router should be preferred for use?

The most popular and versatile type is interchangeable routers (router kit). They are a combo of plunge and fixed base routers

How to overcome inconsistency in the speed of the router?

Inconsistency in speed is a hazardous sign. A good quality router won’t show this issue. But, in case of a problem, replace it to save yourself from any hazard.

What is the main con of interchangeable router?

The main con is the time it takes to interchange the routers as it works both as a plunge or fixe based router.

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