8 Best Router Bits in 2020

Best Router Bits

If you have to choose the best router bits, the process may be a little difficult. This router is not just a challenging tool, but there are also various choices to pick the router BITS if you don’t have some expertise.

Sometimes when decoding the preferred person and which one is not suitable for this task, people may get lost.

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Here are our best choices for top Router Bits. We have carefully categorized them after our thorough research.

Best Selling Editor’s Choice Best Budget
Hiltex 10100 Erie Tools Router Bit Set
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  1. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits | 15-Piece Set – Best Router Bits for the Money
  2. SILIVN Tongue and Groove Set, Router Bit Set – Best Router Bits for Woodworking
  3. Micro Jig MB-050-0514 MATCHFIT Dovetail Router – Best Router Bits for Beginners
  4. Bosch RBS010 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Shanks – Best Router Bits For Woodworking
  5. Erie Tools 35 Piece 1/4″ Shank Router – Best Quality Router Bits
  6. CNBTR 1/4 Inch Shank Dia Silver – Best Router Bits Fine Woodworking
  7. Yonico 14705q 1/2-Inch Height – Best Router Bits To Buy
  8. Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank – Best Router Bits for Sign Making
ImageMachinesDimensionsKey FeaturesPrice
HILTEX 10100 7.8 x 5.43
x 2.28 inches
Is packaged and arranged with a wooden index package
Powder covered for additional durability
Universal Shake Secure Fit
Check Price
3.5 x 2
x 1.5 inches
Usage of a display or other hand-made woodwork
Simple to develop, easy to operate
Check Price
1 x 3
x 5 inches
14 degrees 1⁄2″ profile with single, rounded corner for softer grooves
The router’s protective line shows the width of the bit
Check Price
9 x 4.25
x 4.5 inches
Popular profiles for any routing jobCarbide accuracy tips for smoother finishes and better borders Check Price
14 x 11
x 4 inches
Shank and body is heat-treated for optimal longevity
Includes the transport of aluminum
Check Price
5.39 x 4.29
x 1.61 inches
The object is used mostly in industrial engraving and not in dangerous articles Check Price
YONICO 14705Q 4 x 3.75
x 2 inches
Silver brazing for maximum toughness and intensity
Lifetime guarantee assured and limited
Check Price
0.5 x 13.5
x 14.25 inches
Sustainable building
Multi-purpose system
Check Price

1. Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits | 15-Piece Set – Best Router Bits for the Money

Variety in a kitchen and woodshop is the spice of life. Your woodwork jobs almost certainly require some shift, especially when you are adventurous and want to produce new furniture types. You need numerous router bits in this scenario, which makes the Hiltex 10100 Carbide Router Bit an ideal addition for your workbench.

Even with its large variety of router bit types, every bit is created with efficiency and robustness in mind. Any YG8 carbide blade has been sharpened manually to give a sharp raster tip, which will happily cut through various types of hardwoods.

The durability of the Hiltex 10100 kit is also an integral aspect, which is worth looking at the router parts’ inch. Although not only sharp, the tungsten carbide blades are crafted. This metal has specific heat-resistant properties, which prevent it from binding under long experience in friction heat.

Key Features

  • Solid steel alloy with a power overlay for reliability and longevity
  • For smooth implementations, the supplied bearing roller with a 1/4″ universal shank is suitable for all models

  • Is packaged and arranged with a wooden index package
  • Powder covered for additional durability
  • Universal Shake Secure Fit

  • YG8 blades of carbide
  • Hardened powdered steel alloy shank
  • V groove, roman ogee, mortising, etc., including cove box pieces
  • Comes in a wooden box with a marker for easy organizing and storage
  • Not ideal for plunge routing

What users had to say about Hiltex 10100 Tungsten Carbide Router Bits | 15-Piece Set 

“Strong alloy steel was made from key construction components and shanks such that they remain durable and agile through several woodwork projects. Each shack was a bit 1⁄4 inch in size, making it very suitable for many modern routers”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

The specific wood case of the Hiltex 10100 came to me immediately and helped me rotate with pieces quickly and effectively. The Hiltex 10100 is probably one of the strongest router bit sets with its very cheap price tag available for purchase.

Rating: 4.9/5

2. SILIVN Tongue and Groove Set, Router Bit SetBest Router Bits for Woodworking

Tongue and groove slicing are probably among the most widely used routing strategies in the manufacture and output of furniture. So to obstruct the shelf room, you do not need a huge router bit. The exact operating tools are required, and the SILIVN language and groove sets are such tools in this case.

These router bits have some building elements that characterized me really. Every portion of these router bits contains hardened steel, which provides the maximum toughness for implementing hardwood. Besides, a specific Teflon coating cover this steel with harmful heat.

This only helps if you frequently use these components to mitigate the warping effects in the router’s friction. There’s only one segment of these bits of routers, and that’s the main part.

Key Features

  • Suitable for timber, MDF, particulate sheets, plain wood lightweight boards, metal and non-wood cutting stops, including steel, iron, sand, etc
  • Perfect selection of amateurs and experts

  • Usage of a display or other hand-made woodwork
  • Simple to develop, easy to operate

  • Carbide blades with C3 micrograin
  • Cutting wood to a thickness of 3/2 inch
  • For tongue and groove mounting, optimized.
  • Heat resistant to friction, with Teflon, coated blades
  • Generally, loose fit on some routers

What users had to say about SILIVN Tongue and Groove Set, Router Bit Set 

“These SILIVN Bits are unquestioned with the C3 micro-grain carbide blades via hardwoods and plastics. In reality, when it comes to hardwoods, these bits break single sheets or slab to 3/2 inch thick”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

The “anti-kickback” nature of these parts really fascinated us. So any aspect like this that minimizes dangerous side operations makes my book a perfect option.

Rating: 4.85/5

3. Micro Jig MB-050-0514 MATCHFIT Dovetail RouterBest Router Bits for Beginners

For a long time, I was convinced of the only method of molding the dovetail sills with a dovetail view. But I don’t come back, and the Micro Jig MB-050-0514 MATCHFIT Dovetail Router Bit is a nice buddy who recently opened the eyes. I have found my workload much manageable by automating this important process of furniture making.

Dovetail guard rails need enormous detail. Otherwise, both ends cannot adequately stay together with the locking mechanism. Thankfully, this MATCHFIT bit routes unbelievably clean cuts that do not require extra sanding. Double-sided pieces contain rough finishes in certain bundles that create excessive friction when you join them.

Key Features

  • Unbelievably clean rafters and less sanding are important
  • Right for balancing the dovetail clamps
  • Remove chips and particulate matter, reduce pressure, and fire that allows smooth cuts

  • 14 degrees 1⁄2″ profile with single, rounded corner for softer grooves
  • The router’s protective line shows the width of the bit

  • Optimized for dovetail rainbow carving
  • 8o Basic building stops chips and powder quickly
  • Router collects protection line to track easily visually
  • Few-years manufacturer warranty
  • It only comes with one clamp

What users had to say about Micro Jig MB-050-0514 MATCHFIT Dovetail Router 

“The 8-degree shear of these teeth evacuates the chips and pollution as you pass, minimizing pressure and allowing you to better see where you cut, without interruption. Every tooth (3) is located at the perfect angle on a router to maximize cutting clarity”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

That’s why I really love the 3-8 security line of this model, which allowed me to see clearly how far the bit might go before I had any dangerous problems. As I said before, I think that wood-shops protection will be quite important.

Rating: 4.9/5

4. Bosch RBS010 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch ShanksBest Router Bits For Woodworking

To maximize their productivity in drilling and carving, Bosch guides and power tools also require a certain compatibility amount. To ensure that you are willing to make full use of its good quality routers and manufacturers, Bosch RBS010 is readily available in both local and national stores.

The high-grade micro-grain carbide tips on each bit are as sharp as many competitors and ensure that a consistently smooth finish can be achieved without more sanding. These router bits have a high wear resistance that meets Bosch’s commitment to quality output.

While some router tips use various metal densities for each element, the Bosch RBS010 bits are uniform to minimize undue strain on each section of these two components.

Key Features

  • Popular profiles for any routing job
  • Tips for micro-grain carbide have superior wear and long service life

  • Carbide accuracy tips for smoother finishes and better borders
  • Reusable case with solid wood base and acrylic cover translucent

  • Optimized to Bosch routers
  • Rock and body uniformity is resistant to stress and corrosion
  • 1/2 inch vibration destroys shanks to improve stability
  • Simple wood block storage base
  • Rough mounting plate

What users had to say about Bosch RBS010 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Shanks 

“This helps to reduce stress and to improve the life span in the long run”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

These bits also come along with 1⁄2-inch shanks, which match Bosch devices better. Although it doesn’t fit any other router manufacturer, you have to be confident they produce minimal excess distortion on Bosch routers. I have a lot of this increased reliability, as an even, accurate cut counts for routing on the last day.

Rating: 4.95/5

5. Erie Tools 35 Piece 1/4″ Shank RouterBest Quality Router Bits

The router model you select is also compliant. You can use a leading brand router in your workshop and save only from a licensed dealer with unique shank sizes, difficult to find. Such mainline channels could be inappropriately expensive per item, where Erie Tools 1/4′′ a shank router kit is in operation.

There are probably a couple that matches well with your workshop router with vast quantities of router modules that are widely adaptable.

Only put in a single price-conscious box, few (if any) common router bits have so many distinct router bit types. The range contains all sorts of objects, including the round nose, flat, flush trim, cove, rabbet, champagne, roman ogee, and much more.

Erie Tools also has its fantastic variety and managed to build each router component of robust tungsten carbide. In terms of compatibility, Erie Tools built and monitored per bit on several of the industry’s leading electric routers.

Key Features

  • Bosch, Hilti, Milwaukee, Makita, Cable Porter, and Cable Dewalt suits
  • Tungsten carbide tips for sharp soil precision
  • Pieces may be used for wood, metal, plastic, and shaping

  • Shank and body is heat-treated for optimal longevity
  • Includes the transport of aluminum

  • Compatible with many major hardware brands
  • Nose Round, Street, Flush and Champagne 90° V Carbide Grooving Parts
  • Comes into a sustainable aluminum case
  • Some thin bits prone to cracking

What users had to say about Erie Tools 35 Piece 1/4″ Shank Router 

“I have definitely checked these pieces to point out that these bits are supported, without concerns, by Hilti, Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, and Porter-Cable routers”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

There are also no questions regarding the transport and storage of these router pieces. The total package is made of 35 parts in an easy-to-transport, durable aluminum shell. When I start to do more woodworking projects away from homes, I definitely make Erie Tools my option.

Ratings: 4.85/5

6. CNBTR 1/4 Inch Shank Dia SilverBest Router Bits Fine Woodworking

The router sections are rough and well running. They are mounted with welding machines with high frequency and high power. It is ideal for splice, composite, hardwood, and softwood carving.

They are certainly not badly flexible. In reality, it is one of its key characteristics. It can be used on CNC routers, portable handheld or table-mounted routers, and various automatic routers.

They cut clean and polite and hold their precision fair. They deliver the right price and the perfect options for the beginner.

Key Features

  • Sharp edge, high hardness of the high-frequency welding technology
  • Both composites, flocks, hardwoods, and softwoods are split
  • Usage on CNC routers as well as other portable routers and portable handheld and table attachment routers

  • Blades within a cartridge or cabinet are permanently sealed with exposed blades smaller than 2 mm
  • The object is used mostly in industrial engraving and not in dangerous articles

  • You’ve got a hard spot
  • You’re all right and quick
  • You have too much versatility
  • They are the best alternative for a beginner or casual woodworker
  • The packaging could be better

What users had to say about CNBTR 1/4 Inch Shank Dia Silver 

“Overall they have a great offer, which can scale the offer for everyone”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

But while you focus on goods, you may obtain some bits from the router, particularly while you’re an entry-level woodworker and your money is tight.

Rating: 4.9/5

7. Yonico 14705q 1/2-Inch HeightBest Router Bits To Buy

The collection includes industrial router parts. The bodies are built of durable hard-hardened steel, and the C3 Micro-Grain tungsten carbide cutter is widely used.

The router modules are also heat-tolerant since they come with Teflon coating, ensuring that you can use them for long-running times with ease.

The smooth functioning rollers make their working area smooth and smooth. The correct control of depth and width must also be stressed.

Key Features

  • Split animals up to 1/2″ rabbets in a variety of depths up to 1/2″
  • Premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades for cleaner and longer longevity
  • For usage on portable table routers and mounting devices

  • Silver brazing for maximum toughness and intensity
  • Lifetime guarantee assured and limited

  • The router pieces have long-lasting hard-hard steel, and Teflon lack bodies
  • They are micro-grain carbide cutters of C3
  • Quick working covers include safe and smooth cuts
  • Strong and flexible
  • They may not pass the durability test

What users had to say about Yonico 14705q 1/2-Inch Height 

“The set consists of six covers, capable of transforming the rabbet in 6 different sizes into a wooden box that holds them secure and organized”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

All things considered, for consistency of layout and durability, the package is also a valid and inexpensive addition to the woodwork.

Rating: 4.8/5

8. Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” ShankBest Router Bits for Sign Making

The package consists of 24 tipped carbide router parts, of good nature and well-used. The package often includes a good variety of router parts so that certain wooden designs can be tried.

Cutting, trimming, woodwork, veining, and groove are only a couple of the projects for which this package may be built. It is ideal for novices and carpenters of all kinds. The kit is also provided with a bracket of Allen to remove the cover.

The router components include a well-ordered wooden case. You can solve storage problems and get some time during your assignments when all is in control.

Key Features

  • Quick Shop
  • Bits of a router is set to floor routers by tongue and groove

  • Sustainable building
  • Multi-purpose system

  • The kit includes a good variety of components
  • They are in a wooden case
  • They are made of good materials and have a strong feeling
  • It is an impressive kit of entry-level
  • The wooden box doesn’t seem durable

What users had to say about Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank 

“The components of the router are oiled and ready for use. They’re not going too far and have a good structure”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

As all this is a strong preference for the woodworker, since the kit features so many router pieces, it is still a decent option and a strong boom!

Rating: 4.8/5


Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Purchasing


The router parts manufacturer uses three primary materials. Why can the materials of the bits be looked at? It’s easy; the material dictates what you can use the pieces and what it costs. The following are the three standard bits:

1. High-Speed Steel

High-speed steel router modules are normally intended for the use of lighter materials. This is because the softest of the Trois goods is this composite – so it cannot sustain the edge like the other two.

High-speed steel modules are not necessarily stronger. These bits are for people who like only bits for recreational activity or for people who use routers daily.

2. Carbide Tip

Carbide is much stronger than steel at a fast pace. It is used to render the cutting edge of parts (that is, the carbide tip).

The carbide tip will keep the stitch for longer than the previous material, plus it can easily cut harder wood and metal. Therefore, for all the woodworkers utilizing their routers regularly, I will recommend carbide tip pieces.

You will however, have to pay more dollars for these things. But this is not a problem, since you will get something that takes longer when you are perfectly healthy.

3. Solid Carbide

If you are looking for the toughest and durable pieces for your wood router, go for strong carbides models.

These pieces encourage you to operate on the hardest materials you might think of with heavy dust. The corners remain functional for longer times, but they can be used for longer periods.

The robust carbide hardness is unprecedented. Both models will probably be more costly than those of the two brands above.  The higher the quality of a given material, the more expensive it is (and the better the performance and the longer it lasts).


Next, take care that the parts you intend to purchase are reliable. This is important because you are about to participate for a lifetime. The rigidity and the equilibrium overall enable you to gain a little stability.

Well-refined carbide cutters are needed to have a good quality bit that provides a pleasant rim for effective wood cutting. They can also be dense enough to withstand a variety of changeovers. The brazing attaches to the tip of the carbide, and any molding can still be used.

Above everything, a consistency bit may be applied to the body to minimize the risk of kickbacks. This is so the pieces do not make a bit hard and are “sticking onto the stuff” for higher body weight. This is a bonus of better heating and maintain the parts sharp for longer!

Shank Size

Two common ratios – 1/4′′ and 1/2′′ in the shank dimensions. Make sure you remember the scale of the shank when you purchase a piece. Most beginners are unavailable, although a few routers are 1⁄4″ and 1⁄2″ in size.

If possible, go for a 1⁄2″ shank-size piece. These components tend to have greater stability, thus reducing the overall vibratory impact. They allow a very smooth cut.


The profile is the word that defines the form of the pieces. The type that better fits your needs and/or the way your docking device tries to handle them.

Here’s a shortlist of the most commonly available router bit profiles:

1. Straight Bits:

As the most popular and most widely used router bit profile in any workshop, straight bits can be cut into the material for a given version (the name for a shallow groove cut that will enable you to join another wood to your work piece).

This cut includes many reasons that it is popular for this bit profile. Please notice that the bits are made to suit the particular wood cutting specifications in varying diameters and lengths.

2. Flush-Trim Bits:

It is to say what these parts do by their name. They perfectly decorate the edge of a certain material flush to the edge of a different border.

The bits are normally guided by a pilot holding the same diameter as the cutting part, which may be mounted on the lower or top of the piece.

3. Rabbeting Bits:

They’re meant to cut a ribbed (or if I could from the side of the slice. As an experienced woodworker, you know that a rubber-coated will actually do a decent job of connecting pieces.

As with the previous bits, the rabbet bits are always piloted by a pilot keeping the tip, which allows you to make rabbits of your preferred choice size since they have various diameter covers.

4. Edge-Forming Bits:

These pieces are helpful for the design of a decorative edge on the work piece. They are generally used to create the final accessory for a project on which the borders were constructed.

The round-over appears to shorten the ring with a specified radius, including 1/2″ or 1/8,” whereas belt-bound bits (also known as beading bits) decrease its circular profile by half to 1 quarter of an inch.

These parts vary due to the decorative target. Ogee models can generate S-Shape profile differences. Many parts have a pilot bearing to render the lip much more perfect.

5. Chamfer Bits:

Check chamber router parts for those that do the right thing to cut the slit, which tends to be wide and smaller when you move up.

6. Molding Bits:

The molding pieces, including the boundary forms, have a bigger pattern and various profiles that may help finish a mold’s sides.

In other words, all edge-forming profiles are placed in one bit! However, make sure that you only use these pieces while your router is put on a stand for protection purposes.

7. Specialized Bits:

We still have specialist components designed to execute specific tasks, but not least. Any top examples of specialized beats are the type, rail, panel stepper, dovetail, drawer lock, lock meter, and finger a joint bit.


Don’t overlook this one major element when choosing for yourself the best bit router kit. You can then look at prices for one that fits the budget until you have created a list of bits for all the roles you like. But only a couple of dollars don’t lose consistency.


I can’t be pleased with the end of the day with all of those high-quality router bits. Each selection provides the kind of style and versatility I’ve been looking for with my router. Obviously, therefore, I can’t pick all of these bits or sets as the right full router bits.

Each routing criteria is different, so make sure you choose something you can consistently cut the most over your entire workload. Price also plays a vital part, but make sure in a router bit package you get extra value, which saves you money along the way.

And if you learn about these high-performance router components, you can still be curious about the usage of some bit kind.


Are Freud router bits any good?

Freud is often known for heavy carbide and perhaps for good purposes. The entire test reveals a two-fold life cycle, improving total finishing performance over other router products. In the end, efficiency, precision, and competition are improved.

Are Whiteside Router Bits good?

With a diameter of 1/4 cm and a cut length of 1 centimeter, the Whiteside RU2100 Regular Spiral Bit has an approximate bit of over 200 reviews and 4,5 stars on Amazon. It is a sharp, reliable, and accurate high-value product.

Can I use router bits in a drill?

When a router shapes and cuts grooves with a substantial lateral pressure, a drill foretells and is designed for downward pressure. This mechanical difference makes a box not suitable for use with a router bit, among other items.

What is the process to change router bits on the router?

The process is apparent. The frame of the router should be withdrawn first. The router bit must be hit. Second, you must compromise the set that holds the router secure. You must last uninstall the router bit, then patch the router bit later.


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