12 Best Plunge Router in 2020

Best Plunge Routers

You have to invest in a basic way when you start as a woodworker or start a workshop. If too many alternatives are available on the market, it can be difficult to pick the best plunge router. However, a plunge router and a fixed base router still occur in two common types of routers. And for the woodworking, what’s best?

The router bit’s location is set on the work surface using a static base router, while the cutting bit is above a base router’s surface. If you intend to finish a few home renovation tasks and always lock it as a fixed base router, you need a dive router to allow further options. We evaluate in this analysis the best plunge routers in 2020, according to all budgets, at different prices

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Here are our best choices for top Plunge Routers. We have carefully categorized them after our thorough research.


  1. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit – Best Mini Plunge Router
  2. DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4 -HP (DW618B3) – Best Plunge Router For The Money
  3. PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4-HP (895PK) – Best Plunge Router Combo
  4. Hammerhead 10-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit – Best Cheap Plunge Router
  5. Makita RP1800 Plunge Router 22, 000 RPM, 3-1/4 HP – Best Rated Plunge Router
  6. Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit – Best Small Plunge Router
  7. Festool 574692 OF 1400 EQ Router – Best Imperial Plunge Router
  8. Bosch 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS – Best In-List Plunge Router
  9. Wavecurl 1/2″ and 1/4” Plunge Router Electric Wood Routing Machine Collet – Best Electric Wood Routing
  10. Ryobi R1631K 1-1/2 Peak HP 8.5 Amp LED-Lit Corded Router Including 3 Piece Bit Set (w/ Tool Bag) – Top Rated Plunge Router
  11. Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router – Cheap Best Compact Router
  12. Ryobi RE180PL1G 2HP Peak 10-Amp Plunge Router – Best 10-Amp Plunge Router
Bosch 1617EVSPK 6 x 11.5
x 11.6 inches
18.2 pounds Check Price
x 7.75 inches
28.1 pounds Check Price
9 x 6
x 12.2 inches
14 pounds Check Price
11.97 x 11.46
x 6.46 inches
9.32 pounds Check Price
MAKITA RP180012.99 x 9.06
x 12.6 inches
3.2 pounds Check Price
Hitachi KM12VC
4 x 22.2
x 16 inches
9.9 pounds
Check Price
FESTOOL 574692 15.55 x 11.61
x 12.8 inches
17.9 pounds
Check Price
Bosch 120-
Volt 2.3 HP
N/A12.6 pounds Check Price
AND 1/4”
N/AN/A Check Price
R1631K 1-1/2
11.4 x 7.09
x 10.47 inches
6.50 pounds
Check Price
6.2 x 8.5
x 5.8 inches
4.53 pounds
Check Price
9.75 x 10.5
x 9.75 inches
10.84 pounds
Check Price

1. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit – Best Mini Plunge Router

The Bosch 1617EVSPK hybrid router is a router table for heavy-duty wooden routers and a cabled pick-change variable speed dip with a set basis and a range of options.

This medium-sized rotor with a micro-finish depth changes the perfect preference when routing the rosewood veneers and high-end inlet wood with a 2.25 HP engine and variable velocity switch with maximum electronic input.

This heavy-duty router has an aluminum package that is stable for the job of routing.

It has a variable speed dial with rpm speeds ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 for use with large parts, clippings, and non-ferrous metals. It also helps you build ribbed joints or dovetails with a 1⁄4 and 1⁄2 bag for a wider range of parts without any kickback or overheating.

Key Features

  • Powerful Soft Start Variable Speed Motor
  • Accurate base cutting and lowering
  • Rugged design to improve durability

  • Base chip shield fixed
  • Plunge chip base shield

  • Guide Quick Change Template
  • The wide opening of the base
  • Soft control and comfortable contoured grip handle
  • It’s an annoyance to change bits or wires
What users had to say about Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

The 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP is a package feature router for various routing applications with 3 adjustable bit positions, which are fast and easy for unparalleled precision”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

There is a locking level on both bases, but the centering accuracy hardly is monit during the serviced during the service.

Rating: 4.9/5

2. DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4-HP (DW618B3) – Best Plunge Router For The Money

DeWalt DW618B3 2.25 HP is an engine for long term hardwood transportation with a powerful three-base router. It comes with features that combine power and ease of usage, making it perfect for home and business applications.

Concerning the cost of your resources, the speed-router DeWalt DW618B3 2,25 HP provides a range of additional features not provided by many intermediate-size routers. It is incredibly cheap and ideal for making vintage and antique tables and change spaces, resembling a contemporary wood crafter.

This DeWalt wood router has a 2-1/4 HP cam motor, which can cut hardwoods at speeds from 8000 to 24 000 RPM.

It comes as a hybrid kit with a 2.25 HP engine with a set and dive platform. The DW618B3 2.25 HP has a tool-free steel cam engine with a quick brisk transformation from the base to the depth measurement instead of 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP.

Key Features

  • D-handle incorporates a lock-on trigger switch
  • Fast release engine latches
  • The spindle lock button makes it possible to modify a single-wrench bit

  • Flat top for easy changes in bit and depth
  • Easy to reach the heel and switch

  • Ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue of the hand and arm
  • A Lexan base to provide durability and visibility
  • Powerful motor
  • Highly adjusted
  • No guide edge
  • The dust collection system needs to be further improved

What users had to say about DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4-HP (DW618B3)

DeWalt DW618B3 2.25 HP has a soft start that reduces engine torque and outstanding ergonomic features to keep the two rubber handles tightly for ease of use and convenience. It is also easy to move between the two bases due to the smooth and easy-to-use plunge-action lever.”

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

It is disappointing that this model was based on a split base design by the manufacturer. Split bases are known to enable the motor to travel vertically when the clamp is locked. However, it is still good to verify the bit’s depth after the clamp has been tightened.

Rating: 4.95/5

3. PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4-HP (895PK) – Best Plunge Router Combo

The 895PK is equipped with a 2.25 HP router and a combined package for the fixed and plunged base, which falls into the middle-range router segment. This is a perfect combo package for the woodworker who already has a smaller router and needs to get a durable mid-size router mounted to a bench.

Thanks to a package that comprises all bases, 1/2 inch, and 1⁄2 inch self-releasing hood, this medium-range router is your perfect option for rabbet, joint making, and boiling holes. It also comes with a tabletop with a measuring pin, a key, and a dust collector insert.

At 10,000 and 23,000 rpm, the Porter-Cable features a low noise soft start generator. It also has a fixed base and over-molded handles for better combo. The plunge’s port that protects the office clear from dust chips.

The 895PK will use a dozen clips for a large variety of bits. Besides that, it is simple to adjust the bit on this router with a spindle lock included opening the set.

Key Features

  • Over molded grips in extended use for greater comfort
  • The spindle lock function allows changes to a single wrench bit.
  • Clear Lexan sub basis provides better durability and visibility of the bit.

  • The sub base centering gauge ensures the absorption of the router bit.
  • Depth rod with adjustable 6-position turret enables stepped or repeated plunge cuts.

  • Auto-release storage system for easy removal of a bit
  • Viable titanium die-cast
  • Quiet motor running
  • Control of variable speed
  • The height adjustment rack is flimsy

What users had to say about PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, 12-Amp, 2-1/4-HP (895PK)

For power and long life, the Porter cable 895K combination package has an aluminum cast body. It also offers a clean, detailed results double border guide for a large variety of routing applications”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

There are several problems with the dipping router; one is not easy to touch a power switch while mounting it at the base, and the second is to turn the screw such that the engine is maintained.

Rating: 4.85/5

4. Hammerhead 10-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit – Best Cheap Plunge Router

Chevron Hammerhead brand brings us our final entry on the finest woodworking router. The HAPR100 is a parallel cutting guide plunger router package. It is equipped with a vacuum shaft adapter for flexibility.

Highlighting value is that which makes it the perfect wood router for beginners. The expense is not extended, and parts may be saved (and a vacuum in your shops if you don’t even have one).

Value functions for customers are offered in the best budget dive router. Astounding flexibility at this price is the HAPR100 hammerhead. This takes up 9,32 lb and doesn’t burden you with big tasks requiring a lot of work.

It produces 11,000 to 28,000 RPMs with its 10-amp engine and is balanced by a dial of six. A guide is provided with a router that matches the bit diameter’s speed and makes it the best wooden router for beginners.

The better budget dip router also includes handle buttons and a preventable cable attachment.

Key Features

  • Variable speed monitoring dial for different applications
  • Selection of bit-depth test with the adjustment in turret stop
  • Connect to a vacuum to have a decent working environment

  • When you work, this position prevents you from the wood
  • This little detail is also helpful for your lines

  • Amazing entry-level router
  • An efficient and sustainable platform
  • Outstanding presentation router
  • Fully finished with a lot of mess
  • Relatively cheap plastic
  • Does not have a base plate

What users had to say about Hammerhead 10-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit

With fast plunging movements for high performance, this 3/1/4 HP medium-sized router offers excellent precision. The rubberized handles also give you minimum fatigue for power and continuous activity”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

After the motor bolt has been pressed, it is nearly difficult to change the base’s bits, which can be very painful.

Rating: 4.95/5

5. Makita RP1800 Plunge Router 22, 000 RPM, 3-1/4 HP – Best Rated Plunge Router

This plunge router will spin up to 22,000 times a minute with a 15-amp engine. You will construct and work in detail up to 2 3/4″ in depth while you’re there. Linear ball covers to ensure that the micro-control slides seamlessly and quickly escapes reducing the correct depth.

In reality, you can ease by using it since it has aerodynamically filled handles in rubber because you overlook the impact. In fact, the presets are new, making it easy to navigate to the right place.

Key Features

  • 15 amp motor
  • 22,000 rotations per minute
  • 0” – 2 ¾” plunge depth
  • 3 preset depth stops

  • Switch with two fingers
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Shaft lock for bits change

  • Money value
  • Ergonomically
  • Features of safety
  • Powerful, long-lasting router
  • It’s hard to use

What users had to say about Makita RP1800 Plunge Router 22, 000 RPM, 3-1/4 HP

The two-finger turn helps the role of the locking heel to be worked as quickly as possible”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

When adapting the guides or the depth, you do not have to care about the tools since you easily and effectively y and effect. It also has an integrated fan with a labyrinth design to restrict entry to the turbine through waste and pollution. A depth scale and a chip deflector can be read easily to prevent contact.

Rating: 4.9/5

6. Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit – Best Small Plunge Router

The router provides a plunge router to complete nearly any project easily and comfortably in addition to a fixed router. It uses an 11-amp engine that can increase performance and precision.

For anything you do, that implies more continuity. The 2-stage motor release pin helps you to adjust the base quickly and change the depth slightly.

You also will ensure steady RPM rates each time you use them with the electronic speed regulation. The noise is hushed and provides a peaceful studio so that you can work out without upsetting your neighbor and the rest of your family, both early in the day and later in the evenings.

Key Features

  • 5-year warranty
  • 11 amp motor
  • 24,000 rotations per minute

  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Fixed and plunge router in one

  • Versatility
  • Easy to use
  • The motor is quiet
  • Lots of power
  • Plunge motion is “jerky.”

What users had to say about Hitachi KM12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed/Plunge Base Router Kit

You can change the charging speed up to 24,000 rotations per minute, and there is less vibration that allows it easy for you to stay on for a long period.”

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

You will love the usage and make things better thanks to the ergonomic grasp. This device comes with everything you need to make sure you are good to go.

Ratings: 4.85/5

7. Festool 574692 OF 1400 EQ Router – Best Imperial Plunge Router

You may think it looks fantastic, but it’s not only great – it works much. Those see who want a portable and 100% reliable don’t find a perfect tool.

There is an explanation of why you should slit it with the greatest precision. Next, the dust extraction ports of your project capture dust and other contaminants. This helps you see the cut line more plainly to immerse yourself with absolute precision. It provides an ergonomic handle for extra convenience and running time.

As a consequence, you are less tired and have absolute dominance over it. Switches are fitted into the system so you can control it with just one side. Also, the spindle lock enables you to adjust parts quickly.

The depth can be modified with this instrument to the smallest of values. Ball stops will monitor approximately 1/256-inch of width. This makes the routing incredibly effective. Its electronic controls, on the other side, give a steady pace even under high pressures.

Key Features

  • Built to make the most challenging application
  • Adjustment of accuracy depth
  • Easy extraction of dust

  • The router is extremely clean and smooth.
  • There is no fear of irregular completion.

  • Extraction of dust and waste
  • Ergonomic handle for input switches
  • May alter bits quickly
  • Depth up to 1/256 inch can be controlled
  • Only at high pressure, stable speed
  • High priced
  • When under pressure, noises and sparks can come out of the housing.

What users had to say about Festool 574692 OF 1400 EQ Router

Therefore, even under additional heat and load, the tool remains safe. The price is far higher than the others. For those looking for budgetary facilities, this may be a little disagreeable”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

When this tool is under heat, noises and sparks will come out of the device. It aims to fix safety issues.

Ratings: 4.9/5

8. Bosch 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS – Best In-List Plunge Router

Bosch has created this reliable, precise dive router, one of the best dive routers on the market, to achieve better strategic alternatives. A competent and respectable component, a solid 15-amp-engine, which can output 10 to 25,000 rpm, is equipped in the MRP23EVS.

Along with this consistent power, there is a flexible foundation paired with an equally solid fixed base.

Since MRP23EVS is a famous 1617 series router update, it is understandable why it is good, both on paper and at work. It comes with additional features and upgrades that cause you to sacrifice what you have. Accuracy, control, and strength have been strengthened.

The first element is the handy catalyst that helps the user to retain his handles constantly. The first argument to be made. The power switch on the plunge base provides the device with the necessary enhanced control of the operator following the system of trigger-controlled power.

The user may also pick the appropriate speed using the variable speed button. This route also will be thankful for the ergonomic, soft-grip controls that provide a high quality of control and comfort.

How much will a 3-inch dip router be found? This apparatus has defeated all of its competitors. Two plumbing shafts hold the mounting of the motor, and the springs are locked.

While continuous resistance exists in most areas, rigidity may be painful in the last half-inch or so. You may ask why the lock lever returns to its locked spot instantly. The lever is fitted with a loading mechanism that renders this entire magic possible.

Regrettably, the MSP23EVS has no powder recovery method, meaning you are surrounded by dust and dirt.

The good news is that a 3 HP Extraction Kit or a separate router guide is available. There is a suit below the bench of the guide. If one of the routings is completed below the table, that would be excellent.

Key Features

  • This router still produces exacting cuts.
  • A strong 15-amp engine and speed change
  • Depth changes after lock

  • Control variable speed
  • Smooth circuit with Constant Response

  • Feels heavy and sturdy
  • LED lights make it suitable for viewing
  • Really powerful
  • Not very smooth

What users had to say about Bosch 120-Volt 2.3 HP Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS

MRP23EVS the one of the most efficient routers on the market. It is smart, simple, and engineered for heavy-duty applications to provide the strength and accuracy necessary”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

Although there are no fences, dust jackets, and several supplementary accessories, the work level stays with the micro shifts, improvements in the scope, and a wide variety of plunges. Each specialist should aspire to possess a product that combines flexibility with a higher level of consumer comfort.

Rating: 4.95/5

9. Wavecurl 1/2″ and 1/4” Plunge Router Electric Wood Routing Machine Collet – Best Electric Wood Routing

This next method is not as strong as the Dewalt, but it remains high-quality and is the most costly wood routers tool. The consistency paired with the value makes the Generic our top option for shoppers searching for a decent tool at a superb price.

You should buy width parts to render your approach to woodwork as detailed and reliable as practicable. Profile change in woodworking is quite a common function, but it is still good to see here, particularly considering the offer you have with this tool. Fundamental or not, specific features are still perfect when you browse for a power tool.

Another foundational function, but always valued. If you operate with a router, it is most frequently important to replace your router bit. Several routers make things more difficult than it needs to be to adjust the parts, but this app has made it an easy experience. Again, this is a straightforward function, so the less time you spend on adjusting your pieces, the more time you will spend on your workpiece!

Key Features

  • Gradual start feature gives more power and more reliable performance.
  • Secure and easy for your work

  • Adjustment of the top handles depth to set the desired routing depth.

  • Affordable
  • Easy bit replacement
  • Depth adjustment
  • Very basic

What users had to say about Wavecurl 1/2″ and 1/4” Plunge Router Electric Wood Routing Machine Collet

It’s cost-effective; that’s the highlight of this tool. More advanced users would definitely like a little more feature- route rich router but new to woodwork or to do it itself.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

This tool provides the chance to start without breaking the bank. The Generic is a better choice for you if you can overlook the absence of premium features.

Ratings: 4.8/5

10. Ryobi R1631K 1-1/2 Peak HP 8.5 Amp LED-Lit Corded Router Including 3 Piece Bit Set (w/ Tool Bag) – Top Rated Plunge Router

I’ve always been a Ryobi fan because they continuously deliver good quality and cheap equipment—the quality and value blend is just what you get with this product. Let’s take a look. Let’s take a look.

Although LED lighting does not have to be used in a power tool, it is still appreciated — it lets you have a clearer view of your work piece and improves your work’s accuracy. It’s an easy tap but very enjoyed it.

Router bits are typically not costly because you would definitely continue to order more, so it’s always good that this kit provides three bits to get you started. With this included bit, you will start to use your new router when you open the box.

Key Features

  • Improved vision LED lights for routing applications.
  • The on/off switch is conveniently located for easy operation.
  • Spindle lock for fast and simple bit modification

  • Die-cast aluminum base for better precision and stability.
  • Cam-lever securely locks the engine device in place for precise cuts.

  • LED light
  • Bits included
  • Affordable
  • Motor not as strong as higher-end devices

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

Of course, this tool may not have to contend with its limitations, since the engine is not as strong as any of the other superior-end routers we’ve looked at, but because of the low price to be expected.

Ratings: 4.85/5

11. Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router – Cheap Best Compact Router

The Makita – a quality tool with a great motor built to operate rapidly on any materials you throw at it and keep you secure. Let’s have a peek at some of the strongest functionality for the last time. This tool is built to make it nearly impossible to launch it unintentionally.

The power button is placed independently from the locking device, which must also be triggered to start the computer. This is a fantastic function for everyone but especially for people with children in the home.

Tools with lower engines will fail to retain the pace when you use it, and the job is subsequently impaired. This tool is not a problem. This unit has an electrically maintained speed control component to ensure that your working time is consistent.

Key Features

  • Small and ergonomically built body with a rubberized handle for greater comfort.
  • Aluminum housing and base for durability and accuracy
  • Dual L.E.D. lights illuminate the workplace

  • Soft starting feature for easier startups and better accuracy
  • Fine depth control system for smooth rack and pinion for more accurate settings

  • Safe
  • Consistent
  • Highly adjustable
  • If you purchase the entire set, you can save more than most similar tools.

What users had to say about Makita XTR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router

The variable speed dial of this method will enable you to speed up from RPM 10,000 to 30,000”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

You know how useful it is because we have seen a few of this feature’s units — the more flexible the tool is, the more useful.

Ratings: 4.9/5

12. Ryobi RE180PL1G 2HP Peak 10-Amp Plunge Router – Best 10-Amp Plunge Router

We must also consider cheap dive routers, particularly for those with limited budgets. But as the best budget router, this is not less than the others. In any aspect, Ryobi RE180PL1G is indeed an outstanding option.

It offers 2 Horsepower, 10 AMP, and 15,000 to 25,000 rpm variable speed motors. This is sufficient to deal with any form of timber since it is not necessarily simple to cut and route.

The adhesive is super versatile, with 1/2″ and 1/4″ bits to fit your specifications. And a spindle lock that can conveniently swap pieces continues to arrive.

Another thrilling aspect is soft starting. It doesn’t start all nuts at the fastest speed but lets you turn from the lowest to the highest if possible. And that fits the most ergonomic handles, making the process comfortable.

It just weighs 9.6 livres, so interacting with it is much smoother, offering an effortless experience. This machine would perform well also in the hardest work.

Key Features

  • Ergonomically built handles reduce the fatigue of the consumer and the chip shield
  • Spindle lock makes simple changes to one wrench bit
  • 1/2 in. collet with 1/4 in. adaptor accepts a variety of bits to fit most woodworking needs

  • Electronic variable SOFT START speed 15,000 – 25,000 RPM
  • Micro-adjustable depth stop ACCU-STOP effectively changes the cutting depth

  • Pretty inexpensive for the quality it provides
  • Convenient Accu-Stop accuracy correction system
  • Decently efficient 2 HP and 15 AMP engine
  • An automatic system with variable speeds up to 25,000 rpm
  • May not hold mounted for too much

What users had to say about Ryobi RE180PL1G 2HP Peak 10-Amp Plunge Router

It has an Accu-Stop micro equipment system for depth adjustments. It is not very difficult to cut in depth up to 2 inches, particularly when you expect better accuracy”.

Why Do We Recommend This Product ?

It is also one of the most functional, despite a dust collector and its electronic alteration. And it comes at a meager cost.

Ratings: 4.8/5


Features That Matter In Best Plunge Router

Variable Speed

One thing with any router you definitely want is the ability to change speeds. Different speeds allow you more control and make you more flexible. You may wish to carry out almost any p in the right amount of flexibility router in the right amount of flexibility.

You will definitely be helped with an easy way to change your router speed. Keep the highest and lowest speed configuration in mind, and you can find a good range for various more complex and softer materials.

Vacuum Port

The vacuum port is at least another great advantage you’ll want to see. You want a router that connects to your workshop dust collector and is, therefore, a lot cleaner. It can be dangerous for you since you breathe) personally, if dust and waste are splashed around you, and can cause a lot of mess throughout your workspace.

You can directly connect to a dust port by keeping all this dust off the road in one location. Instead of leaving the router, you want to get as much dust and waste out of the air as possible.

Soft Start

The last thing you want is to activate and speed up your router. While it may seem like a good thought, it is actually going to cause you more trouble, as it is loud and damageable, unless you’re cautious.

Soft start means that when you first power the router, it’s easy to do full power. There won’t be much time waiting for it to be ready to use, but you’ll have a moment to change it.

Above the Table Adjustment

You would not wish to stay under that table if you put your router in a table (as most people do any time you try your routers, add your router’s depth and. It saves you a lot of trouble and headache if you can adjust your router over the table. From one depth to the next, you can go far faster and easier.


One router is one of the tools in your workshop or budget in the future because it is a handy tool with a wide variety of like others depends on tools. It depends on a person’s preference since some people can decide to work with the fixed, and others can choose the plunge routers, depending on their kind of work.

Therefore more experienced staff are always advisable to use tubing routers since they are more versatile than fixed routers.


Which is better, fixed or plunge router?

Diving routers are generally more flexible than fixed-base routers. You will use them to build everything from smooth fluting and rainbows to darts, hypnotics, and more. So, you can always use the dive router to achieve more than the fixed base router when looking for a router.

What is the advantage of a plunge router?

Plunge routers can read and change the depth of the router’s face. Bit protection is an advantage of a plunge router over a basic model. Bit protection. Bit protection. If not used, a dip router surrounds and automatically safeguards your expensive bits.

What is the difference between a router and a plunge router?

With a fixed base router, the position of the router bit is constant. A base plunger has been designed to pre-set the coupe depth and lower the router slightly (“plunge”).

Can a plunge router be used on a router table?

Modern plunge routers are very robust and noticeable performance losses. The best reason to use a dunking router in a table is that there is only one router and one important dunking router.

How deep can a router plunge?

Plunge seems to be the change in height from the outer body to the base plate, which actually plans the collection on some machines under the base plate – useful in certain situations. Plunge depths range from 2 to 3.5 inches, from model to model.

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