What are the 3 Axis CNC Machines? – A Brief Guide


3 Axis CNC Machines

Do you have any idea what are the 3 axis CNC machines?

Well, it refers to make movements by CNC machine in three different axes at the same time. Generally, CNC firms confirm the movements of their machines ranging between three axes being as the main axis.

When it comes to 3 axis machine application you can make whole features, contoured figures from flat stash sculptured surfaces or sketch figures.

Did you understand what are the 3 axis CNC machines?

If not then let me explain it a bit more clearly.

In case of Figuring out what is 3-axis machine and why it is helpful, you will get answers all of your queries here. It refers to the widely used technique for making all sorts of pieces. However, people hardly get to absorb the idea of its functioning and importance for the business purpose.

The cutting parts of this tool together with 3 axes used to crush the piece you want. It is useful for cuttings including:

  • Reverse to forward
  • Side to side
  • Up and down

You can place the cutting tool vertically or horizontally while rotating the piece you need to shape. It helps grinding slots, drilling, tapping holes, squashing areas and score sharp boundaries. A few key benefits of 3 axis machining are given below:

Advantages of 3-Axis CNC Machines

  • 3-axis move together at the same time while allowing you to make highly intricate components smoothly.
  • With the help of this machine, you can make clamps, stocks, fixtures and much more.
  • On your demand, such kinds of machines are designed with an auto tool changer part that simply can execute more than enough functions on one device.
  • Further coding can help you jump to the 3 axis CNC machines. For multiple uses, you don’t need to enter data every time. Add the data once and do whatever you need to do and let the 3 axis work at the same time for your figure.
  • It depends on the centre of your machining as you can use more axes in case of need. Or else you can invest more money to get more axis.
  • With 3 axis CNC machines, you can design more complete ideas that help you motivate for making more intense shapes. Isn’t it amazing using one machine for multiple functions?
  • All you need to understand to operate the machine is the coding. To grind the piece, you need to give command into the computer system, so that your milling machine can start working automatically. Also, you can run this command multiple times as per your need.

Do you know some 3 axis CNC machines can jump to 4 or 5 axes as well?

That way your machine becomes more effective to produce a variety of things. That way you don’t need to invest more money buying a whole new machine having a different axis.

You can take help from different sources in case you don’t have any idea about how many axes you need or how much intricate your piece is.

Anyhow, you must not be familiar with the function process of 3 axis CNC machines. Let’s have a look at how do these machines work generally.

How do 3 Axis Machines work?

Making outclass figures and pieces need you to be patient and think about the real goals. If you want to make top class parts, you need to make use of top-class machinery.

Making a goal is not important, reaching that goal and holding on to that stage is more important than anything else. That’s why you need to make a smooth competitive edge and for this purpose, you need the best tools.

With the help of a CNC milling machine, you can effectively shred and cut the extra material to form a shape you need. Working with 3 axis or more need you to adjust the material and tool side by side and work on it according to your choice of size and shape.

By default, your piece of art does not move whereas your device moves constantly. This typical pattern keeps the part motionless and moves the tool alongside 3 axes such as length, width and depth. In this kind of axis movement, two linear channels are used besides one cutting head together with a spindle.

Keep in mind that spindle works on one axis because it uses to function with the length and width axis. On the other hand, when it comes to the tool head, it all depends upon what material you are using to shape down, whether it be steel, aluminium, wood, plastic or anything else.

It really does not matter what material you have used, you can pick anything according to the work you desire to make. In case if you don’t know what is tool head and how you can use it, you can visit the nearest centre for help.

Typical 3 Axis Machining

3 axis CNC machines are more common and become a fundamental part of modern life. Moreover, 3 axis machining is upgraded that helps using as an alternative of 5 axes. The three-axis machining option is more utilized for engineering or architectural work and manufacturing of parts as well.

In this process, as you already know that three-axis are used such as X, Y and Z to form the raw material into an amazing shape.

Well, keep in mind that you cannot use this function for deeper or narrower pieces as it does not have more access or ability to make defined parts. It may require more efforts to shape a piece of any material.

However, it can save your time and you can make the most amazing pieces. At this point, you might be thinking about where you can start doing this manufacturing. Let’s dig out more to find the answer.

From Where You Can Start

When you are ready to start your own business, you need to make lots of different decisions that lead to your success or failure.

You have to start by making out what you really need, what works best for your plan, what tools you need, how much time you need and what your proposed outcomes could be for the rest of your strategy.

Tools that are used for the completion of your plan highly determine the success level. That’s why you have to be extra careful in terms of choosing tools and strategy.

3 axis CNC machines are the best one when it comes to clearly shape your thoughts and ideas.

If you are confused in any phase of your plan, you can get help from authentic sources. Try finding someone who can assist you in highly intense plans.

Making higher-end products need top-class tools and it all depends on your budget. You need to finalize a handsome amount that can fulfil all of the essentials you require to make your plan successful.

Helpful Factors for Machine Price

You might have heard about the prices of CNC machines, but it all depends on what sort of products you are about to make. Here we have some great factors that determine the price of a machine. In case, you are stuck somewhere in making the final decision of which machine is the best one, you can take help from the points given below:

  • Size of the machine
  • Weight of the machine
  • Power
  • Speed
  • County of manufacture
  • Different options
  • Machine configuration

Size of the machine is mostly considered in X/Y/Z distance, whereas machine weight is measured according to the heavier outline = inflexible machine.

On the other hand, speed comes in the form as RPM, maximum quick mode actions and tool change times. When it comes to power you need to look for the size of the servo motors and spindle torque.

It also includes whether your place of manufacturing in Japan, Korea, Germany or any other county.

You also have to consider factors like coolant pressure, chip conveyor, pallet pool, tool changer, tool probing, bar feeder, robotic part loader and much more.

Machine axis includes 3 axis, 2 axes, 5 axes or 9 axis milling as each axis help in making things intricate and effective. All these factors are known to be concluding points that make the difference from start to the end.

Have happy manufacturing of your thoughtful ideas and plans!

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